Canvas Use Reaches 35 Percent

UW-Madison is currently transitioning to the Canvas learning management system (LMS). The plan is to adopt Canvas as the single, centrally supported LMS, and to discontinue campus support for D2L and Moodle by 2018.

The university offers over 6,000 credit-based courses, 35% of which are now being actively taught in Canvas.

Canvas has many benefits including clean, user-friendly, content-focused design, an excellent platform for cultivating interconnected, digital teaching and learning opportunities, and frequent feature and tool updates.

During the spring 2017 semester, over 1,500 courses were moved from D2L and Moodle to Canvas in six schools and colleges. In collaboration with the units’ instructional support staff, the UW-Madison Canvas Transition Team offered hands-on training and consultation opportunities, as well as online, self-help materials. These transition support services will be available for units who are transitioning in the upcoming semesters, as well.

Learn when your unit is moving to Canvas and find more resources.

Some UW-Madison courses rely on features that are yet to be available in Canvas. For this reason, not all courses will be able to move according to their unit’s scheduled transition time. The UW-Madison Canvas Transition Team is working diligently to identify, prioritize and address these needs in a timely manner, and has appointed two working groups to research solutions for enhanced quizzing capabilities and content authoring tool functionality.