Upcoming Events

Migrating to Canvas

9-10am, Sterling Hall, Room 2425 What does “Migrating to Canvas” mean? How and when is this happening? What happens to my original D2L or Moodle course when it is “migrated to Canvas”? How can I best navigate all these new courses in my dashboard? What are the common issues faculty are experiencing during the migration? […]

Getting Started with Canvas

1-2:30pm, Sterling Hall, Room 2425 This is a two-hour Canvas training session. Participants will learn about basic features and functionalities in Canvas including: managing courses on the Canvas dashboard creating pages, assignments, quizzes and discussions using modules to organize your content uploading files interacting with your gradebook customizing your homepage … and much more. Learn […]

Managing Grades in Canvas

9-10am, Sterling Hall, Room 2425 This is a one-hour training session during which participants will explore the robust grading features within Canvas. The following topics will be covered: Building up the gradebook Managing gradebook behavior Adding scores Establishing a weighted grading scheme Communicating with students Using SpeedGrader to review and comment on submitted documents and […]

Teaching Effectively in Canvas: Applying Good Learning Principles in Canvas

1-3pm, Sterling Hall, Room 2425 This workshop provides methods and examples to enlist students in teaching and learning from each other with Canvas, while exploring current research on creating effective and productive blended and online social learning experiences. Participants will evaluate strategies for facilitating productive online discussions and gain experience with a variety of collaborative […]

File Management for Canvas

9-10am, Sterling Hall, Room 2425 This is a one-hour workshop to help faculty and instructional staff choose the file management approaches that satisfy their needs, and the best practices for using that approach. The session will cover naming conventions, working files vs. output/finished files, and how and when to use file storage/management tools including Canvas […]

Teaching Effectively in Canvas: Assessment

1-3pm, Sterling Hall, Room 2425 This workshop helps faculty and instructors develop and apply smart assessment strategies to course objectives. Learn to get and give good feedback that strengthens student learning through proven methods of distributed practice and low stakes assignments — and do it more efficiently than you imagined, in Canvas! Participants will learn […]

Canvas Tips and Tricks

9-10am, Sterling Hall, Room 2425 During this one-hour training session, participants will learn about a dozen (or more?) lesser-known features and strategies that can help faculty and instructors more successfully and efficiently manage their Canvas courses, and connect with students. Participants are encouraged to share their own tips or tricks, as well. The instructor will […]

Teaching Effectively in Canvas: Interactive Learning

1-3pm, Sterling Hall, Room 2425 This workshop explores pedagogical concepts that address developing and managing positive interdependence, individual and group accountability, and social interaction within the classroom. Participants will examine techniques for identifying challenges in group dynamics, and how to restore them. Additionally, they will discuss how grading may (or may not) best interact with […]

Student Wayfinding in Canvas

9-10am, Sterling Hall, Room 2425 This session covers practical strategies that can be used to help students more effectively navigate their courses, interact with fellow students and instructors, and complete course assignments. Topics will include communication and organization, communities of learning and setting course expectations. The workshop will also introduce and explain how to use Canvas-integrated […]

Canvas FAQs

1-2pm, Sterling Hall, Room 2425 This one-hour session will explore a number of commonly asked questions and support topics that are received by the Canvas Migration Support Team. The topics are relatively common and may seem complicated, at first, but, with a little investigation, and a little training, participants will learn accessible solutions that make […]