Final reminder – Less than a month left to save content from D2L and Moodle

This message was sent to all UW-Madison employees and is specifically intended for faculty, instructors and owners of credit and noncredit courses or any other types of materials or activities hosted in D2L (Desire2Learn, previously known as Learn@UW) and Moodle who have yet to archive their content or migrate it to Canvas.

This is the final reminder about the retirement of D2L and Moodle. There is less than a month left for you to migrate and/or archive any course content or data from D2L and Moodle if you have not done so already. After June 1, 2018, you will no longer have access to credit or noncredit courses, or any other types of materials or activities in the retiring systems. As you submit grades, please keep in mind that you will not have access to D2L or Moodle to resolve any grades reported as incomplete.

To retain content from D2L and Moodle, please take one or both of the following steps:

  1. Migrate your content to Canvas – Make sure to migrate all instructional content that you wish to retain access to:
    • For credit courses – complete this migration request form.
    • For any other use of D2L or Moodle (e.g., noncredit courses) – request a Canvas course shell to begin the migration process. You will receive confirmation and basic instructions on how to migrate your content within 48 hours. See further details on next steps. Please note that individual student data, such as completion of a certificate, can be downloaded directly by the student and does not require a course shell.
  2. Download and save data – Only content such as lecture slides, readings, etc., that are added by the instructor, are automatically moved to Canvas for credit-based courses. If you will need access to student-generated content, grades, submitted assignments, completion data or other types of information to fulfill incompletes or for other purposes, you will need to properly archive this information. For details on how to do so, and how to identify and handle restricted or sensitive data, please review “How to Download Data from D2L and Moodle.” If you have a noncredit course with specific reporting needs, please contact Tom Kourakis at for assistance.

From mid-July through January 2019, emergency retrieval of certain archived course data may be requested under restricted circumstances. For more information about these data requests, please review this KnowledgeBase document.