Help & Training

UW-Madison Canvas Knowledgebase

View UW-Madison’s ongoing list of Canvas help documentation, which highlights information about getting started, as well as the most commonly viewed and recently updated documents. Getting started information includes:

Instructure (the vendor of Canvas) also has an extensive knowledgebase of documentation for faculty, instructional staff, students, administrators and observers.

DoIT Help Desk

The DoIT Help Desk can help UW-Madison Canvas users:

  • Answer questions about specific features and functionality
  • Answer questions associated with the delivery of courses in Canvas
  • Troubleshoot or report technical issues

In-person and Online Training Opportunities

In-person Canvas demonstrations and training sessions are offered regularly throughout the year, with more sessions added every month. Check the “Events” section in the sidebar for more specific information about the offerings.

A fully online, self-paced Canvas training course for instructors is also available. To access the course, log into Canvas through the Learn@UW Course Dashboard and click on “Canvas Training Course for Instructors.”

On-campus Consultation Services

Learning technology consultants from DoIT Academic Technology (AT) are available by appointment for one-on-one Canvas consultations. Consultants can advise faculty and instructional staff on topics such as when to switch to Canvas, how to get started and how to effectively use the LMS to support student learning. Consultants can also provide information about other useful resources.

Contact to arrange a consultation.

School and College Instructional Support

Faculty and instructional staff are also also encouraged to contact their departmental, school or college instructional technology staff regarding their use of Canvas. For reference, here is a list of instructional technology contacts organized by school and college.

Help Make Canvas Better at UW-Madison

Do you have an idea to help make Canvas better? If so, you can now submit your ideas through the UW-Madison Canvas Feature Request Form. Requests will be reviewed by an instructional technologist in your school, college or department and routed to the Canvas Feature Request Working Group and Learn@UW Madison team, where they will be grouped and organized so they can be communicated to Instructure and, if necessary, addressed at the UW-Madison level.

Before submitting a request, users are encouraged to search for known solutions on their own by reviewing the Canvas Community discussion forum, Canvas Guides and the UW-Madison Canvas Community group.