Noncredit Courses

Similar to credit-based courses, all noncredit courses needed to transition to Canvas prior to June 1, 2018. Noncredit courses were divided into two categories for the migration process: compliance and lifelong learning.

Lifelong learning courses typically refer to enrichment or professional training courses for external audiences.

Noncredit compliance courses refer to the following:

  • Employee/Staff onboarding and training courses
  • Large‐scale training and compliance courses for employees
  • Large‐scale compliance courses for students

Moving Noncredit Course Content to Canvas

To request a new Canvas course, start by completing this form. Within 48 business hours, an email will be sent confirming that a Canvas course shell has been created. Individuals who are moving multiple courses should submit a separate request for each course.

For campus support resources, see the “Quick Links” menu to the right or navigate to the “Help and Training” page.

How Do Learners Access Canvas?

All learners must have a UW-Madison NetID to access Canvas. Individuals who are not UW-Madison employees or degree students, and need access to Canvas can obtain a temporary NetID via “Manifest.” Please note that Manifest NetID accounts should not be permanent accounts and will have an expiration/termination date assigned to them upon creation. For more information please see this KnowledgeBase article.

Programs that involve paid, noncredit registration were invited to optionally use a fully-automated process beginning in March 2018. This provides registrants who use UW-Extension Registration Services the ability to immediately setup a permanent NetID on their own and proceed directly to the appropriate online course site at UW-Madison.

Questions and Updates

For Canvas technical support please contact the DoIT Help Desk. To stay informed of noncredit Canvas developments, send an email to “”