Spring semester progress, Commons and noncredit (News Digest)

This news digest is part of a regular series of updates about UW-Madison’s transition to the Canvas learning management system (LMS).

Spring semester progress

A number of campus units are well on their way to migrating a majority, if not all, of their courses to Canvas this spring. In addition to support from both local and DoIT – Academic Technology consultants, extra student and staff support have been hired to assist with the course conversion process. Over 90% of baseline conversions are complete.

Learn more about Canvas through online and in-person trainings

A variety of Canvas demonstrations, webinars and training sessions are available throughout the spring semester. Offerings include “What is Canvas?,” “Getting Started with Canvas,” “Managing Grades in Canvas” and weekly Active Teaching Labs. Check out the full listing of events (organized from newest/upcoming on top, to oldest) to learn more, and to register.

A fully online, self-paced Canvas training course for instructors is also available. To access the course, log into Canvas and click on “Canvas Training Course for Instructors.”

Upcoming Active Teaching Lab – case scenarios in Canvas

An upcoming Active Teaching Lab on Monday, April 3 will feature how one UW-Madison instructor moved from working in Case Scenario/Critical Reader (CSCR) to building interactive cases in Canvas. Come learn more about working in both platforms. Registration is encouraged, but not required.

Canvas course shells available for summer

Canvas course shells for summer 2017 have been created and course rosters will be automatically updated as students register. Fall 2017 course shells will be available by March 10. Updates will be posted in the “News” widget on the Learn@UW website.

Enhancing Canvas functionality

Some UW-Madison courses rely on features that are yet to be available in Canvas. For this reason, not all courses are ready to be migrated. Review a list of D2L and/or Moodle features not currently in Canvas, along with their status. If you are concerned that Canvas will not currently meet your needs, please schedule a consultation with the designated instructional technology point-person for your unit before migrating your course. To schedule an appointment, please email learnuwsupport@doit.wisc.edu.

UW-Madison position on Canvas Commons

Many who use Canvas at UW-Madison are also interested in using a “learning object repository.” The sponsors of the Canvas transition effort want to ensure that campus’ needs for such a repository are met. Given the importance of such a tool, the sponsors and the Canvas Transition Team want to be sure that the solution selected for campus addresses particular requirements.

Currently, a few options have been considered, including Canvas Commons. However, based on certain factors, there are too many questions and concerns about Commons to make it a viable solution at this time. Read full statement.

Plans for noncredit courses

In addition to credit-based courses, campus also relies on its LMS to deliver specific noncredit courses that fit into the following categories:

  • Lifelong learning (enrichment or professional training) courses for external audiences
  • Employee/Staff onboarding and training courses
  • Large-scale training and compliance courses for employees
  • Large-scale compliance courses for students

While most of these courses are viable candidates for migrating to Canvas, some may explore other options (for a variety of reasons).

A timeline for migrating noncredit courses in the categories previously noted is currently being finalized. Units that offer noncredit courses will be contacted in the spring and summer of 2017 to determine and schedule their transition.

Read more about current progress, next steps and key contacts.

Questions or issues? Get help with Canvas

In addition to the training sessions listed in the “Events” section, there are numerous ways to get help and learn more about Canvas including the UW-Madison Canvas Knowledgebase, the Canvas Instructor Guide, and one-on-one consultations with learning technologists from DoIT Academic Technology, and some schools and colleges. All of these resources, and more, can be found on the “Help & Training” page.